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When it comes to bin rentals and junk removal services, BIZ Bins is Hamilton’s go-to business. Furthermore, thanks to our experience and knowledge in the industry, we can offer sound advice on a wide range of subjects concerning waste removal, storage bin rentals, demolition, decluttering homes, moving, and more. Take a look through our latest blogs for information on these topics. Be sure to check back frequently to see what’s been newly added. If you have any questions about our blog posts or would like to request one of our services, please contact BIZ Bins.

  • 16/03/2017
    Preparing to Move

    Moving is never easy. You have years of living accumulated and now you have to decide what to do with it – keep, sell, donate, store, or move – and that doesn’t include the effort to sort and pack everything you have ever owned.

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  • 16/03/2017
    Helpful Tips for Decluttering Your Home This Summer

    Keeping a few knick-knacks around can be an important part of making a house feel like a home. However, a home that is cluttered with too many items that add no value can begin to feel uncomfortable. If your home has accumulated too much junk over the years, then it's time to declutter it.

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